About Minister2Kids

Minister2Kids partners with family ministry leaders to reach kids for Christ.  Since 2001 we’ve been equipping you with quality resources that are proven to work in churches, schools, and homes.  Our goal is to provide resources that will save you time so you can effectively reach kids for Christ.

Our Promise To You

1 – Christ is our Focus
In 2001 we started Minister2Kids as a way to share the resources we were making for our Children’s Ministry.  It’s never been about sales, profits, or accolades from others.  It is all about reaching Kids for Christ.

2 – Quality Resources
Every resource that is listed on our site has been proven to work in other churches.  We wouldn’t list anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

3 -We are Here for You
We do ministry just like you.  We want you to succeed and it’s our goal to equip you with resources so you can reach kids for Christ.

Meet Jon & Learn more about Minister2Kids

Hello, I’m Jon Smith, the creator of Minister2Kids ministries.  I have served in ministry for over 15 years.  I’ve had the privilege to serve with some amazing staff, leaders, volunteers, and kids.  I started Minister2Kids in 2001 as a way to share our stuff with leaders across the country.

Now we have the privilege of sharing our resources with people all over the world.  Several other sites like Sermonspice, Worship House Media, Worship House Kids, and Kidology also list our resources.

I am married to my beautiful wife Laura, and we have 2 girls that are growing up way too fast.

Jon’s Ministry Experience

– My family is my first and primary ministry!
– Creator of Minister2Kids Ministries in 2001 and many of the resources on this site
– 15 years of experience in Family Ministries
– 2001 Graduate of Kentucky Christian University (Youth & Family Ministries; Bible)
– 2011 Graduate of Cincinnati Christian University (Master in Family Ministries & Leadership)
– Conference speaker for a variety of ministry conferences
– Guest speaker for church retreats, camps, and trainings
– Dean for over 50 weeks of camp
– Served in churches ranging from 200 to 20,000 in attendance
– Mentored 10 interns that are now currently serving in ministry
– Mentor and pastoral coach for new pastors
– Spiritual gifts are leadership, teaching, evangelism, hospitality
– Myers Briggs personality of ENTP – A visionary and entrepreneur

More Info About Jon

– Things I like are: boating, fishing, golf, basketball, board games, laying in a hammock, IBC cream soda, and meeting new people.
– I got a hole in one on April Fools Day – Yep! For real.  Not a joke.  It was my first swing of the season too.
– I am a jokester of a person.  I still got a hole in one.  Wouldn’t joke about that.
– 3 Crazy things I’ve done:  In high school I climbed a radio tower, in college I went skydiving and it was the first time I was ever in a plane….and I jumped out of it, after college as an intern I jumped of a 67ft cliff in Arizona….interns do almost anything!

Speaking Engagements & Trainings

Do you need a speaker for your next volunteer training, retreat, or week of camp?  Jon speaks all the time for a variety of reasons.

Hidden Visitor Trainings – If your ministry and church would like a full weekend training we can do our hidden visitor training.  This is how it works:  We come and visit your church on a weekend as a visitor.  Leaders, volunteers, elders, and most staff don’t know we are coming.  We participate in a weekend service, view ministries, and then give honest feedback on things (how welcoming, safety, programming, etc).  We can always follow this up with additional training Sunday evening.

Contact Information

Here is my contact information.  Email me or call me anytime.  I always love to hear from others serving at churches.  I’ll list my email here, but if you want my cell just shoot me an email and I’ll send it back.

Jon Smith
Jon AT Minister2Kids DOT com
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