Grow Up in Christ

Grow Up in Christ: 52 Bible Lessons from the New Testament

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Guide your kids on a year-long journey through the Bible with the Grow Up in Christ Curricululm! There’s nothing more important to teach our children than how to build a relationship with God, and there’s no better way to do that than to teach kids the Bible. Route 52 is a Bible-based journey that will take kids through the Bible in a year every year from age 3 to 12. Using all ten titles, you can help your kids explore, discover, follow, grow, and study through the Bible.

Throughout the various age levels, kids will learn about God, Jesus, and other men and women of the Old and New Testament. They will examine the history, poetry, prophecy, and the good news of God’s Word. Through age-appropriate, hands-on activities that are culturally relevant, kids will investigate God’s plan for his creation and how it includes everyone.

Grow Up in Christ includes 52 Bible lesson that help children ages 8 to 12:

  • Understand why they need to grow in Christ
  • Build an active faith in God and His Son, Jesus
  • Know, understand and remember God’s Word
  • Tell about their own hope in Jesus.

The application-boosting lessons feature Scripturally sound lesson themes; culturally relevant, hands-on activities; age-appropriate Bible-learning challenges; and reproducible life-application activity pages.

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