What is Minister2Kids?

Minister2Kids the website was created in 2001 as a way to share our resources.  Over time things have grown and visitor to the site increase.  It's always been our goal to provide quality resources that we are willing to use in our own church.

Why is my download not working?

Not sure!  All downloadable products are available right after checkout.  If the link does not work it could be one of two reasons.  First, if you have waited to download it the link may have expired.  Links expire 15 days after your purchase.  If the link just doesn't work please let us.  It could be something on our end.  If something like that happens

Why is shipping free?

Shipping costs get confusing.  Who really enjoys trying to calculate shipping and knowing what your final bill will be?  Not us.  So, your total cart at checkout receives free shipping on all products.

How do I receive my downloadable products?

We realize when you purchase a download you want it instantly.  So, we got you covered there.  As soon as you make a purchase a link for the download will be provided on your checkout screen.  An additional email will be sent as well.

How long does shipping take?

Most of our products are instant downloads.  That means they are available right after you pay.  If you purchase a book, cd, dvd, or other item that needs to be shipped you can expect delivery within 7 days.

Not found the answer?

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