Wrangler Roundup

Wrangler Roundup

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Product Description

Wrangler Roundup is where the fun and excitement of the Wild West combine with a journey of discovery—finding Jesus in the life and time of Moses. Extending the theme of SonWest Roundup VBS, kids ages 3-12 will hear more about Moses and will discover how Jesus is found in every part of Moses’ story—and in their life stories, too! They will learn that they can have Ultimate Courage, Ultimate Safety and Ultimate Mercy (and so much more!) as they learn to rely on Jesus!
• Lessons based on the life of Moses
• High-energy games, art and worship
• Creative Bible storytelling ideas
• CD-ROM of the entire manual that includes reproducible music
• Each lesson includes a Teacher and Parent Connection handout
• Flexible for large and small churches
• Includes lesson materials (modify & email)
• Use for after-school, mid-week, 2nd hour, children’s church, small group
• Perfect for introducing, or follow-up to, Gospel Light’s SonWest Roundup VBS
• Much more


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