Summit Seekers

Summit Seekers

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Product Description

Summit Seekers packs the fun and excitement of the great outdoors with the discovery of God’s tremendous love and the amazing promises He has given us. Through engaging lessons, music and activities children will develop an awareness and confidence in the promises of God.  Every child faces challenges in everyday life. Through Summit Seekers they will know that whatever the circumstances are, they can depend on God.

Summit Seekers is perfect for use with Gospel Light’s SonRise National Park VBS–kids will love singing their favorite VBS songs, and leaders will love getting more use out of VBS decorations.

Key Features Along the Trail Include:

  • Exciting Bible stories with creative storytelling techniques that tell the adventures of Joshua as he led God’s people into the Promised Land.
  • Variety of activities that appeal to children’s many learning styles, including games, art, music and more!
  • Each lesson features a Teacher & Parent Connection that can be given to parents.
  • Kid-appealing snacks and decorations.
  • Flexible for use by large and small churches.
  • CD-ROM includes music (9 songs) and lesson materials (lessons ready to e-mail, modifiable flyers, etc.)
  • Can be used for after-school programs, midweek programs, second hour, children’s church, small groups.


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